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What Is Affiliate Marketing?


One of the fastest ways to work from home on the Internet and earn additional income is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing allows you to work in the comfort of your home on your computer or where ever you can find an internet connection.

Affiliate Marketing Systems presents a very big opportunity for individuals who are looking to earn extra cash or huge amounts of money online because there are literally thousands of individuals and companies who are looking for affiliates to help sell their products. You will never make a sales call or visit a customer as a traditional sales person does. You have the freedom to become an affiliate for as many products or services you choose.




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Becoming an Affiliate Marketer- You must first find a product in a niche. (a niche is: A small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer) Then you find a company that sells the product or service online and has an Affiliate Marketing Program.  When you sign up as an affiliate you are given a Unique I.D. that identifies you.  Next you must build a website or a blog to promote your products or services by driving “traffic” to your site. (Traffic:The amount of visitors and visits a Web site receives)  Attached to the product link is your Unique I.D. When people visit your site or blog and clicks on the product or service’s link and purchases it,you will receive a percentage or a commission of the total sale. .

Many experts believe that Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to accumulate huge profits online . No other method of making money online offers the flexibility and the earning potential that Affiliate Marketing has to offer. Another great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that it can be done using free methods. However it does require Discipline, Effort and Focus.

Find the right products to promote online

A good vendor product is defined as one that:

Pays a good commission
Is it reliable and trusted
It has a sound support organization with detailed sales and product information
It offers an money back guarantee.
Also, when choosing a niche, find more of these products to promote. Do not put all their efforts on one product.

Affiliates make money by promoting other people’s products. Each time one of these products are sold through the affiliate website that person earns a commission. This also applies if the buyer will buy other products or services by the provider, known as additional sales, or re-purchase the provider at a later date.

One of the best types of product is a membership or subscription program, where the buyer pays the recurring costs for something like a magazine or newsletter monthly. The affiliate receives a commission appellant also. These are hard to find but worth the effort when you discover one.

Quality and Reliability

It makes no sense to promote something that does not work or perform as advertised. You must be able to trust the salesperson and sales letter. Also, you need a provider that will still be around at least a couple of years. One way to sift through the suspects is to visit the forums. Write “your niche + forums” in Google search bar to get a good selection.

Clickbank is a great source of digital information products for affiliates to promote. It also handles all commission payments under a contract.

Check out Clickbank. Provides everything and more that a member has to find the right products to promote.
Anthony Morrison offers all the training you will ever need to become a ” Super Affiliate ” Anthony and his team have put together a training program Income EDU  that will teach you everything you need to know about marketing online. Anthony Morrison and his team focus on training individuals on what is the new trend..what ever is ” NEW ” and has anything to do with marketing online these guys will have a lesson to teach you how to put it into action. I am not at all thrilled with some of his programs he puts out but the online forum has all the new trends and videos to show you how to implement them into your business.

There are a few others to mention that I have as my mentors and they are Ryan Moran and Travis Sago and Jason Drohn.

If you have never heard of these guys do your self a favor and Google them. Most importantly these guys are truly an inspiration down to earth and eager to teach you everything they have learned over the years.

Ryan Moran has a group called Freedom Fast Lane that he offers and in there you are given access to videos, step by step guides and weekly coaching calls with his team which includes Travis and Jason where you will learn how to pick a niche how to build a one page website that generates real cash quickly .

Ryan Moran has a program called 6 Figure Blogging where he teaches you how to set up a blog where you can focus on blogging about your passions and earn money from your blog.Ryan will teach you how to have real companies pay you to do the things you love! A Build it from scratch system that takes a few hours a week.

There are 3 modules he walks you through and has webinar’s to answer any of your questions.

” If you love what you do – you will never work a day in your life” Chinese proverb

Travis and Ryan love teaching people how to build a online site the simple way without all the ” new ” ideas or trends .They will show you how to  build one page web sites that generate 1000′s   and  get you all the traffic you need to make money as an affiliate marketer or a blogger .

These are all catered toward the new affiliate marketer but they have something in there for everyone even the marketer that’s been around for a while will learn something new here.They share a number of their secrets that they use on their sites.These guys are truly awesome.

I joined Ryan and Travis and within my first 30 days had earned my first online income over 300.00 truly an inspiration .As they both will teach you build it once and build it to last!

 Take the time to check out the information above and get the training you deserve in creating a online business.

To summarize

Not all products sell well online. Find the right products to promote is critical to your success. It is necessary to establish criteria to sift the good from the bad, and find a good niche with a range of products to promote.

Don’t overlook the fact that in building your business online you need to set up systems which is vital to your success.

Wishing you the best



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